Robert Sève

The traditional school of Yakoma : The story-teller

( Analysis by Robert SÈVE : this is a part of the introduction to BIAZIN's work wich was published in the catalogues of the exhibitions at the STEDELIJK MUSEUM in AMSTERDAM and at the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART of DUSSELDORF ; also published in"VIE DES ARTS" in MONTREAL )


"THE STORY-TELLER" ( painting by Clément-Marie BIAZIN )

There can be nothing less naive and innocent than his step__ almost scientific__ wich bequeaths us the inventory of Reality, delivers us its Truth in its explanations, carries out comparisons from ethnic group to ethnic group, and narrates the objective causes of the destructions perpetrated against these African civilizations.


There can be nothing less naive than this painting, which shows the traditional story-teller in front of us__ confronting us, I was about to say__ surrounded by a circle of attentive pupils.


Everything, in this painting, leads to the precise fixation of a determine sense, all this in an intimate correlation with the message that BIAZIN wants to get over to us :

Firstly, the text, perfectly clear, in four parts which consist of a complete explanatory system at SÈVEral levels.


Presentation of the subject :

history before us and our new, future and modern school of today's independant Republic of Central Africa ".

Detail and situation of the subject :

" God has given to our ancestors , the Yakomas, their own way of teaching, both practical and theorical, to their sons, our fathers ".

Affirmation of the reality of the painting, explanation of its purpose :

" Here is the example translated by Clément-Marie BIAZIN, artist and Central African painter, signature and date (1968)".

Finally, explanation of all the scene painted (this text is an acting part of the painting and is written above it) :

The school of our ancestors : they take place around a fire, in the evening, their pupils sitting on the ground ; here is the teacher at work".

(Robert SÈVE / 1977)

All texts, paintings and pictures : Copyright robert SÈVE