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Welcome to, Robert SEVE’s official website. We thank you for reading the legal notice that governs this website.


Robert SEVE, is the Publications director of which is hosted by OVH SA that has a share capital of 10 000 000 euros, that is headquartered in 2 Rue Kellerman, 59100 Roubaix and that is registered with the Roubaix-Tourcoing Trade and Commerce Register under the number 424 761 419 00045.


2.-Purpose of the website

Robert SEVE would like to share information regarding the activities of the Atos group in France and abroad. He would also like to comment through website entries and articles on the news and events and taking place around the world.


3.-Website Contents

According to a legal obligation of means, the Publications Director and the Editor of the website must ensure of the quality of the information published on the website. They reserve the right to make amendments to its content at all times.


However, they cannot always absolutely guarantee the accuracy, and completeness of the information published on the website. The obligation of means by which they are held to, within the exclusion of any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused through the improper use of information and/or information that would turn out to be inaccurate or incomplete.


The Publications Director or the Editor cannot be held liable for the contents or the accuracy of all or one part of the information transmitted via the website


Hyperlinks to third-party websites can be inserted on The Editor and the director of publication of the website pay special attention to the selection of the relevant links but they cannot be held liable for the content of the third-party websites they do not control or manage. Therefore, if you click on a third-party website hyperlink, the present legal notice ceases to apply.

Information on the website can be published in French or in another language. The Publications Director or the Editor cannot be held liable for misinterpretation of the information transmitted via


4.-Right of reply

Any nominated or designated person in one of the articles posted on is granted a right of reply subject to the prejudice of the demands to correct or erase the message they send to the Publications Director to the following address: contact


5.-Personnal data

During your visit to, you can be asked to communicate personal data within the meaning of the French Law on Information and Privacy of 6 January 1978. This data can be processed by the Publications Director or the Editor of the website for the only means of identifying, communicating events or newsletter subscriptions.


The Editor, the Publications Director and the host of commits to respect the dispositions of the French Law on Information and Privacy of 6 January 1978.


Personal data thus collected by the Editor or and the Publications Director of the website shall not be processed for any other means and/or shared with third parties without your express prior consent.


We remind you that you have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data which concerns you and that has been collected on


To exercise that right, send your request to the Local Bureau of Atos France that is in charge of protecting personal data, on the following address: contact.


6. -Cookies

Navigation on can lead to automatic installation of cookies temporarily stocked in your navigation device. These cookies allow better navigation conditions on the website but are not mandatory. You could deactivate the installation of said cookies by configuring the parameters of your navigator.


7. -Intellectual property.

Information published on shall not be used by a third party for commercial means.


Any modifications, representation, total or partial reproduction other than for private use is formally forbidden. This ban concerns any procedure of reproduction, representation and/or modification, no matter the duration.


Reproduction or reuse of the page-contents on is not allowed subject to the explicit prior authorization of the director of publication.


Finally, the creation of hyperlinks towards is allowed under the condition to notify the Editor beforehand.


8. -Modification of the present legal notice- Termination of the website

The present legal notice can be modified anytime by the director of publication of the website who shall include these modifications directly in the present page; therefore, it is recommended to regularly consult this page. The website is governed by French law.


The Editor or the Publications Director can decide anytime to put an end to posting on the website or to postpone updating it without being directly or indirectly liable.



For any questions concerning this legal notice, you can send an email to: contact