Robert Sève

Robert SÈVE, The African Saga and
The Experimental Cinema adventure

Robert SÈVE

Born in Dives-sur-Mer (Calvados) in 1942, music academy graduate ( violin ), engineer and a degree in law, Robert SÈVE's career has included being company Chief Executive Officer and Chairman in computer business, industry and high-technologies.


He has also been the organiser of a number of Independant and Experimental Film Festivals : in Strasbourg in 1965 and 1966, in Funchal (Madeira) in 1979, at Beaubourg (French Film Institute "La Cinémathèque Française") in 1982, and at the San Francisco Art Institute in1983.


A self-taught film-maker, author and producer of his own films, he has realised completely independantly around twenty films on Art and research, "Experimental Films" with numerous exhibitions : Knokke le Zoute, SIGMA Bordeaux, Prades, Beaubourg,…


In 1979, he was to realise the first commercial images for "Cinema on Computer".


Robert SÈVE was rendered a "special tribute" on the occasion of the "First International Festival of Films on Art" at the MUSEUM OF COMTEMPORARY ART in Montreal in October 1981, and also from the French Film Institute "La Cinémathèque Française" in March 1983.


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